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Staffing Future utilize a hosting service running on the Google Cloud Platform, and we are excited to announce a significant upgrade to their infrastructure. We are transitioning from our current servers to the new C3D machines, which represent a significant leap in terms of power, reliability, and security. The key benefits of these upgraded C3D machines include: 1. Enhanced Power and Performance: The new machines are not only more powerful but also deliver more consistent performance. This is particularly beneficial for websites with high traffic or resource-intensive applications. 2. Improved Reliability and Security: With advanced features, these machines offer better isolation, enhancing the security of hosted websites. This means greater protection against potential vulnerabilities and attacks. 3. Faster Response Times: Testing has shown that the C3D machines can deliver response times that are 20% to 50% faster compared to the current servers. This speed boost is thanks to unlimited IO throughput, newer CPUs with higher clock speeds, and more efficient processing capabilities. 4. High Scalability: The new servers can handle more demanding workloads effortlessly, equipped with up to 360 vCPUs and 3 TB of DDR5 memory. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from small blogs to large e-commerce sites. 5. No Extra Cost or Effort for Customers: Staffing Future is deploying this upgrade at no additional charge, and clients do not need to make any adjustments or configuration changes. Staffing Future will handle the entire migration process, ensuring a smooth transition. 6. Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilizing Google Cloud Platform's latest technology, these C3D machines provide a state-of-the-art hosting environment. This includes advancements in memory (DDR5), which is faster and more efficient than previous generations. In summary, Staffing Future's shift to C3D machines on the Google Cloud Platform signifies a substantial improvement in hosting capabilities. Customers can expect faster, more reliable, and secure hosting services, capable of supporting more complex and high-traffic websites without any additional cost or effort on their part. Current locations for upgrade. Virginia Belgium Netherlands

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